COVID 19 Policies

Due to  COVID-19 the studio will be implementing  measures to ensure the maximum safety for everyone during sessions.
Please take a moment to read the following guidelines and regulations.

Studio Policies:

  • There will be a 24-hour gap between each session taking place.
  • Studio is sanitized between each session.
  • UV light filtration is used in my heating & cooling.
  • Props and fabrics will be cleaned immediately after each session
  • Hand sanitizer & mask used by photographer
  • Immediate family members only (no extra grandparents, cousins, siblings etc.)
  • Please leave siblings at home if they are not part of photo session.
  • 2 week reschedule policy for ALL sickness including COVID.

Request to Clients:

  • Please do not travel or attend large events within 2 weeks from your scheduled STUDIO session.
  • Please let me know within 24 hours if you need to reschedule due to illness or suspected illness.